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Bakery of Terror


English (English)

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Moon & Swoon
Buttering Biscuits!
MS Windows
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Glofather, comrade! 1984. The bakery. You. And the world where, regardless of their interests, views, and opinions, everyone must obey the Party's regime. The Department Of Strict Minds is all over the country, and Our Father is watching you, so do your job well — bake bread and make the workers happy on their hard night shift! Otherwise, your death will come earlier than must! Fawatch!

The 1984 year. Events happen in a totalitarian world, where one's own language exists, in order to prevent rebellions against the Party's regime, where so called Our Father exists, who is watching you and taking heed of your behavior. Well, you are an worker of a small bakery, in which you have work: make bread and so on. However, your work doesn’t end with the bakery's routine.

What does the working day look like:
You press the bell - the client comes, you, through a dialogue with him, learn the order and go to fulfill it. Dough recipe: water, egg, flour, yeast - it's all in a bowl. After that, we get the dough that you want to roll out, and throw it in the oven. On the call we take out! And serve the client on a plate!

WASD - Movement
Pressed LMB - Transfer objects
Key E - Interaction with objects
Key CTRL - Sit down
Key C - Show/Hide clock
Key TAB - Show/Hide order

Installation Instructions
1) Download archive.
2) Unpack archive.
3) Launch "Bakery of Terror.exe".