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Angry Wizard


English (English)

Web standard
You're in trouble.

You're playing the wizard's apprentice and you messed up. While cleaning, you disposed of a stinky pair of socks that was apparently his favourite one. Now he shut you into a cursed room full of animated objects - and he won't let you out until it's clean. How long can you last before an enchanted potion turns you into a goat? Or worse... You never know what that grumpy old man is up to.

Play a character that reacts to your own movements in front of the webcam while catching and dodging the enchanted objects in the room.

The game is fully web based, so you can play it right now in your browser. Just head over to our GitLab page.
Technology Notes
- Completely web based, built with TypeScript and TensorFlow MoveNet
- Pixel Art made with Aseprite
- Motion tracking without custom hardware!
Installation Instructions
You need Node 18 and Yarn 1.22.x or newer to run this.
If that's given, just run 'yarn install' and 'yarn dev'.
Have fun!