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Ad-Libs & Adventures


English (English)

Ad-Libs & Adventures is a system agnostic Quest and Dungeon generator tool for your Table Top Role Play Game.

Taking "How do you want to do this?" to the next level, Allow players to design their own demise or allow chaos and comedy to ensue!
Ad-Libs & Adventures was primarily designed to be used by Game Masters in collaboration with Players. Use At Your Own Risk! Dare players to "Make Me Laugh!" By asking the players to fill out the Ad-Libs.
Without any context, players will soon discover how their own choices have influenced the nature of adventure.

Perfect for a One-shot, Dungeon Dive, Hack and Slash, Beer and Pretzels Gaming Group that loves to improvise, a little chaos with a Yes and attitude.

Ad-Libs & Adventures is a flexible tool that can be used by Game Masters however and in whatever capacity of your choice. If your group prefers higher Verisimilitude and less slapstick chaos perhaps you will still find use of Ad-Libs & Adventures as a Guide or Template to inspire and create your own Quests and Adventures for your campaign.
Technology Notes
Tools: Google Sheets, Dictionary. Testing with Open AI ChatGPT3.5