Past Games

Hanz and Gret is a puzzle game that can be played by two players on the same machine.
I have been called by Ms Dread to handle a very particular situation. Ms Dread is the lawyer of Ms Wood. Ms Wood has just died and nobody can find her last will.
You crash on a unexplored planet, called Maldoran, you have to harvest oxygen to survive, metal and energy to repair your ship to be able to go home finally.
Krokodile is a game of DNA Transmission between species to finally have your mighty Krokodile
Bygone Islands is a game set in a Steampunk & Pirates world, where you have to recover enough coins to be able to repay your debt.
Huaca is a cool game about rituals.
Detailed steps on how to rob a bank and go away with the cash. The game guides you through the different steps you may need in case you decide to go robbing a bank. The player impersonates Flo, a

Hearty Games