Past Games

Reflection is a psychological puzzle-platformer adventure game developed by Team GG.
Lineage is a side-scroller action-adventure game set in the distant past of ancient Persia, as well as the far future, filled with robots, augmentations, and lasers.
An asymmetric 4v1 game, where four witches are looking to find and banish their fallen sister turned wraith.
You're an Alchemist/Apothecary! Brew potions to cure curses and illnesses such as: Lycanthropy, Hauntings/Possessions,etc.
A narrative-driven game telling the story of an old man and his struggle to remember the person who taught him the meaning of home.
space trade empire game. colonize planets, mine resources and stuff
Inspired by Herman Melville's timeless classic, Saturn Skipper is an HTC Vive experience for PC. Players become Captain Ahab, on his quest to destroy the space whale of Saturn.
You are late to work again! Your boss must be really mad at you. Navigate through traffic and get to work as fast as you can!
Two players must work together to escape the planet. One if navigating, one is escaping. The escapee is in the labyrinthine complex, trying to get out, and the navigator is watching from above.
Play the game, go home when you're bored.
Players play cooperatively as fire and ice phoenixes and encircle their elements to achieve high score. \