Yichun He

Past Games

这个游戏展现了平凡的一天。在游戏中,你会经历一个普通职员的普通生活。坐在你舒适的椅子上,面对着你可爱的办公桌,你可以决定做什么或者不做什么。每个决定都会将你引向一个普通的故事线。享受你平凡的一天吧,希望你可以安安稳稳地结束这一天。 (如果无聊了可以试着点击墙上的图hhhh This is a game about your normal day.
This is a puzzle game, players will play as a robot, who find that their head is not on the body every morning. Players can only see and control the body from the perspective of the head.
Listen to the music. Find the right combination of two instruments to create a chord which helps you to repair the Sanctuary of Symphony as well as the lost notes.