Past Games

CLICK HERE TO PLAY!!! A Multiplayer game about Ads, taking place in a windows-95 era internet browser. Player 1: "The User" - Needs to click the Home button 3 times Player 2: "
A game in which two players (local multiplayer) need to control one ship with three operating stations and must survive enemy attacks.
This is a game about Winston who suffers from OCD and takes us through his morning ritual. This is hard for him as he needs to perform multiple tasks over and over to make his inner demons calm. T
Click and move the mouse to scan the area in the dark and listen to the sounds in each level. BOTH will give you a clues about the occupants in the next room. Choose wisely, Friend or Foe?
DwarvenLock is a unique puzzle game which uses an original method of telling the player what to do next.