Past Games

A wise man once said “Gods live as long as there are people who believe in them”.
A game about finding things that others have lost
Soul Stone is a game about a wraith who is bound to a crystal, and trying to cleanse it of corruption.
Hold hands and get ready to boogie in the world's greatest arm wave line, also the main power line! Light the cities, transmit the current worldwide!
A side scrolling infinite game based on tanning with 80s retro style, and bloom, and sharks, and sea planes and Godzilla. Space to raise the wave, release to decrease
Single-player game in which player controls a character in third person and can practice any holistic ritual
Sir Nutselot was an honorable knight. He was loyal to the king, and to his people.
An angllerfish is out to hunt little fishes. But every where is dark and this hunt won't be that easy. Listen deeply to find your food's heart beat.