Past Games

A card game ispired by yahtzee.
A short puzzle game
Fix stuff with a hammer! Pick up the hammers and hit the green cube to start. Hit objects to repair whenever the red halo around a hammer dissapears.
A platformer without jumping in a Rubik's Cube world. PS: Couldn't check all of the diversifiers :(
Jump between nodes and get the best score. Created for the "last hour" divirsifier.
Alchemist's Legacy is a proof of concept demo for the sequel of Alchemist's Castle.
Push your firends to their death with seismic waves while trying to get the orb and escape this madness!
Collect souls -> unlock upgrades -> repeat
A multiplayer platformer, in which you have to rely on instructions of your friends.
You are a patient visiting psychiatrist and telling your story. However you remembering some stuff differently than they were. Switch between your imaginary world and real worlds to complete levels.
The player is a ghost and is fighting to be the right hand of The Dark Lord. The one who brings enough hearts to The Dark Lord first will earn the right to be his right hand. While holding the heart, the player cannot attack. The player can take over the heart from his/her enemy by hitting the enemy.