Wilson Kazuo Mizutani

Past Games

You go investigate an abandoned laboratory full of chimaeras, in search of the truth behind the end of the world.
Multiplayer hide and seek between a photographer and camouflaging chameleons in search of fairies
An experience about feeling alone as a non carbon based lifeform. You must navigate a strange, claustrophobic maze while movement impaired in search of your lost limb to repair yourself.
You are doggo, and your family has moved to a new house. Make yourself at home by claiming your favorite things before the other doggos!
Jam through the air in this mystical quest for freedom and jazzful tunes.
A game about dodging elemental pulses and getting to the next room.
Escalating dungeon crawler. Blings come the more you go. But... can you discover the great secret behind this endless maze???
Play the role of a super detective who can see through the perpretator's eyes, revealing crucial memories of the crime but not being able to know whose eyes those are except by putting the eviden