Past Games

A Macbeth-themed variant of Go made to celebrate recent advances of artificial intelligence: two witches' covens compete from territory where their arcane symbols can be drawn and their rituals p
You are leading a group of adventurers as they make their way through a vast, labyrinthine dungeon. This terrifying place is packed with vicious monsters, sewn together from a menagerie of beasts.
The year is XX13, and robots rule... Humankind has been forced to live in hiding, hunted by the cybernetic law enforcement agents. Just when all seems lost a group of resistance members infiltrate the robot city, hiding in plain sight in a crowd of civilian cybernetics and deactivating as many as possible. The agents must find and eliminate these rebels by listening out for tell-tale heartbeats...
Inspired by Mayan/Norse mythology, three concentric snakes defend the earth from falling marbles. The game is built for use with a \"DJ Hero\" style input device (Windows only), but can also be played with a keyboard.
Join the march of progress! Take on the role of various characters from throughout human history, pushing onwards through space and time towards inevitable destruction :)