When's Guilty Gear

Past Games

Your team of researchers are trapped on a cursed island. Upgrade your party by finding lost scientists and tackle all the island hazards as a team. Survive until rescue comes!
Repair Royale is an robot arena auto chess game, leveraging Air Console for controller input.
Lava Royale uses AirConsole to allow 32 players in a last man standing Floor is Lava survival game using your phones as controllers!
Paper Mates is the story of a note that is making it's way through a school to it's destination... the young love of the note's creator.
Two Player cooperative 2D infinite runner. Ride from light wave to light wave to keep your ball of light alive.
Thrown into a variety of alien cultures, you must discern cues to determine and assimilate into each cultures' rituals. Success brings you to new and more challenging environments.