Past Games

During the day, a rose spreads its roots and absorbs sunlight and water to grow. During the night, a rose uproots itself and turns robots into scrap metal.
Look for lost machinery to salvage, repair a rocket and go to space to win
Before the Flood is a top-down tower defense game in which you play as a time wizard who is attempting to restore a destroyed island to its former glory.
A puzzle game were you play as a little ghost boy. You must explore your home and free the souls of your family from demon versions of themself.
A tower defense game with the last cities on Earth holding out against the dreaded insectiod invasion. The race called The Storm are relentless in their assault of Earth.
You, are ZEAR. The great crystal warrior on a radical, side-scrolling crusade to stop the alien menace know as the Silent Army from destroying all sound.
The game follows the story of Joe the Corgi as he is on a mission to save his owner's mother, Anita.

Hearty Games