Vito Quintans

Past Games

Hirajoshi sings to a desert world to restore it's former life.
We asked ourselves what is home for eusocial living beings like ants or bees. Se we came upon a game concept about sub-aquatic eusocial creatures, where different specializations of the same species
Mendel is a farmer from primal times. He must find the right seeds to get thought his nightmares.
Destroy your friends with the darkness as your only friend and foe. Controls: With XBox360 controllers: Stick -> Move R2 -> Shoot, but you show yourself in the dark. L1 -> Sonar, see ar
Two-Player strategy game about gardening with folk aesthetics (Cordel) and music (Baião) from northeast region of Brazil. When all things on Earth just seams wrong, what do we do know?
A game about a man searching for a key, and a boy living a huge adventure inside his own house. A point-and-click adventure along the lines of the old Lucas Art's games.
You are a musical drone alone in a chaotic musical world. You must harmonize the creatures in the world. Controls: arrows or WASD + mouse left button. (Unfortunately an unfinished and buggy game.