Past Games

A game about beavers repairing their dam!
Venture into an abandoned home to discover its haunted secrets.
Defeat he who has taken much from our families. The dreaded beast that ravaged our lands and destroyed our homes. Go, young knight! Defend the homeland! Secure our freedom! Break the Wave Breaker!
Waking up in a strangely familiar setting, you set eyes on a broken altar, sundered at the base, with various artifacts scattered around.
The Earth is absorbed into a black hole caused by an accident involving the Large Hadron Collider. Your mission is to pick up the debris left by earth's explosion and rebuild earth from scratch.
Lucid presents: Gemini - A study in using deception as a way to direct players. Gemini is a First-Person Horror game, with a twist. Xbox 360 Controller supported!
You've spent the last few years bumming around on the couch, eating potato chips. The world has decided that you need to exercise and has sent it's agents of destruction to get you out of the house! Lose a few pounds... or lose your LIFE!