Viki Johnson

Past Games

Ice and Fire is a cooperative puzzle game where two players take control of our adorable characters Frost and Ember!
Manage the lost and found office of a dungeon! When adventurers die, they usually leave all of their equipments and stuff back in the dungeon.
Your plane has crashed in a strange archipelago full of other crashed planes. A storm is coming. Your engineer is grumpy.
“Everyone’s Gone Home Alone in the Dark to the Rapture” is a first-person explore ‘em up where the player is thrust into the slippers of a small child during a thunderstorm.
*WINNERS OF GGJ BRISTOL 2018* Inspired particularly by the "Under the Influence" diversifier, Instructabot involves navigating a robot around an arena to pick up and transmit data, howeve
Hurry to the mountains, you have to save your girl! We tried to think of something less obvious for the GGJ17 theme of "wave" and went with a synthwave style racing game.
Players search the big scary house for a way out. When suddenly a player becomes possessed and must finish a dark ancient Ritual!
You play as hero's (and heroines) through the ages! You only have 1 bullet to take down your enemies, can you defeat them?