Past Games

Earth, beautiful, ancient, dangerous, wild, the only one that we have. It withstood for 4.543 billion years and it could stand for much more if not for one little thing...
Help Robit save Erf! Erf move all slow But Robit shoot fast pew pew Shoot down baddies yes Player one moves Erf with arrow keys Player two moves Robit with Q/E and fires with SPACE Special att
You are a driver on a country road, on his way home after a long drive.
A timing-based party game about blending in, for 1-8 players. This is it, the derby of the year, and Awkward FC is playing at home!
Inner is a 8bit RPG adventure game that is placed in a mysterious medieval land and an ancient Seed Ritual. The player is a hero that has been chosen to save the lands from starvation.
Side-scroller in which you are a little boy stuck in a dark basement. A dark creepy creature is chasing you from the dark, and your only means of fending it off is by pointing a flashlight at it.... Be aware, as your flashlight is running out very quickly, and you must find your way through the pitch dark out of the basement. The only sound you hear is the sound of your heartbeat....

Hearty Games