Past Games

A very short hidden object/carnival style game about xray style scanning stomach contents of cute cats. Well this game idea started out as a butt proctology, hence the Seinfeld reference in the e
I guess Wac-a-mole meets job simulator? How to play: WASD to move, LMB to use the hammer. The "looking busy" timer will drain as time goes on, hit any object to fill it. Some objects g
A "Twitch Plays" style discord bot. As a cat you know that if you don't get your 20 hours of sleep, you'll be cranky ALL day. The group channel will be shown an image for a aroun
A board game using the Anki Cozmo robot SDK.
How to play: Type in the answers in text to the image clues. The puzzle answers are all categorized as either daily or ancient rituals. Story: You are an archaeologist in the distant future.
A point and click interactive fiction featuring the public domain illustrations of Charles Dana Gibson.