Past Games

Majo was bewitched and merged with Yuyu, because another sorceress named Klementine united them and now they must find a way to separate.
This year all jammers get lost all over the city, organizers ask for your help to catch them all and deliver them to the discord server. Play like "Pokemon Go"
Dr. Futuro perdió un objeto muy valioso y debes ayudar a encontrarlo.
It is a story about a child who loved the blue of the sky, the sea and the freedom of the "blue birds". Without knowing it, he enters an adventure from which he does not expect the end.
Music Planets is a music synchronization game, mind-body will be put to the test to prove who is the best in 360 dance with augmented reality! Top Score: 7110 by Tomas Fernandez.
Hello World! is a game about a space ship who landed in a strange planet.
Cthulhu can not sleep because the annoying humans keep playing their loudly horns.
Is a survival game and you play with the beautiful sound waves of your voice using a mic.
Ziege came to this world to save us, is a Demon Hunter... Android Build https://github.com/edgarjrg/CaracasGameJam2016/raw/master/Build/DemonJager.apk
tactical real time co-op stealth action simulator. You need to work as a team to over come the challenges of each stage. Chivo and Borris must work together to get further ahead.
An endless free falling simulator. The game features 2 perspectives as it switches from 3d to 2d. All the art/audio and gameplay changes, still remaining a endless falling game! Enjoy!!
ELIGO means "I choose" in latin. In a regular-repetititve-short period of time, resembling the sound of a heart beat, you have to make a binaural choice (or maybe do nothing), following your interest in life, following your heart. The smallest decisions change the course of your lifetime. To start the game click on the screen. To choose you can either click on the image or use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys, or you can simply do nothing.
You're a space pilot who's gone into cardiac arrest which make your heart rate steadily decrease, you must collect packages to boost his heart rate and stay alive as long as possible without going over and blowing out your heart.