Past Games

In this puzzle platformer, you must navigate your character to the end of each stage.
Help the citizens of Clawsburg find their lost belongings as the newest hire at Clawsburg Lifting and Asset Withdrawal by using a giant claw to retrieve specific objects scattered about the town. C
A card game based on high school arguments. Boast about yourself to change how your opponent perceives you and insult your opponent to change their perception of their own abilities.
Play as a wizard in a haunted mansion in an attempt to find the hidden treasure. But be careful; Get too scared and you'll lose. How scared you are is measured by the speed of your heartbeat. Find the candlestick to reduce your fear and make the haunted halls brighter for a short period of time.
In the year 1989, QWOOPSNAKE begins its journey across the deserts of what might be Utah. \ Three players cooperate to roll QWOOPSNAKE across the treacherous sands in a daring attempt to reach the Interstate. \ \ Also featuring the hit-single \"Whatever the Wind Takes You,\" recorded for QWOOPSNAKE '89!