Past Games

You are Hildebard Hoover™, a medieval vacuum cleaner salesman trying to repair time itself by retracing your steps and selling a new vacuum cleaner to the king.
Your feeling of homeliness is in danger! Swat away the couch-stealing repo men and other chaos while trying desperately to find the time to enjoy a relaxing moment on the couch.
Telecom Tycoon or TELECITY makes you the cut-throat executive of a 90s teleoperating company.
Choose who you sacrifice. A roaming band of 12 tribesmen need to find totems and make a great sacrifice to the darkness that is about to envelop them.
Play it at - Be the shark! Eat as many people as you can before perishing to the bullet hell of dropping sea mines and coast guard helicopters. - Global Game Jam 2017 #FGJ17 - Ville Valtiala, Reino Hämäläinen, Pyry Takkunen and Tomi Toikka