Past Games

You're tasked with repairing a factory, but there's no time for breaks!
You are a dog who just became a bit smarter than you used to be. Now you are on a journey to understand a new meaning of your smarter (not necessarily smarter) life.
You are tasked to maintain an enormous clockwork machine. Leap from cog to cog and put it's pieces in place.
The goal of the game is to repeat sounds (placed on buttons) that you heard and win with highest score. Multiplayer. Sound transmission. Pattern transmission. Fun and fast gameplay. Memes. Eargasm.
Disease ridden animals have to be thrown into the castle to kill all the peasants.
You assume the role of a fisherman in a distant future, where the whole planet has succumbed to global warming.
You are a newly appointed god, ruling over an island inhabited by tribal villagers. The island has several totems placed on different locations, where the villagers perform worshiping rituals and giv
You are a stoner in the Soviet Union, but oh no! Today is inspection and the inspector is right at your door!
Roguelike in a cyberpunk setting. Your goal is to harvest and sell organs.
keep balance between time and hearth beat rate. too big hearth beat = game over too slow in time = game over