Past Games

Keep the balance!
Fend off a growing horde of blood thirsty blobs. Reveal their weak points with anti-blob bombs (Mouse1) and finish them with a laser (Mouse2). Dying blobs spread anti-blob effect to their neighbors.
Stress Free Submarine Repair Survival Game.
Game about trailers and driving cross Finland
You are hitmen contracted to murder Gillian Groover.
Save the helpless ducks from the water to the dry land by throwing frogs to the water. As the frogs fall, they create waves which could lift the duck to the land.
A decisive battle is in progress and you are quickly running out of warriors. Fix the situation by dubbing as many knights as fast as you can, no time for lengthy rituals!
Explore the age-old causality dilemma of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Gather 2 to 4 players around one keyboard or an Android device to see who gets to decide the answer.
Your goal is to control the snake through the onslaught of ants and flies while collecting crates to build turrets to defeat the final boss.