Past Games

Move with WASD. Dodge the Black objects. Get hit and the count will start again from zero. Every 10 points, the camera will rotate 45 degrees. Good luck!
You find yourself working hard to earn some money in this post apocalyptic wasteland.
In the footsteps of Cecilia Gimenez you will attempt to restore fresco's to their former glory. Control your accurate paintball cannon with the mouse. LMB fires a ball. Click 'next exhibi
Walk through the surreal yet comfy prison you call home.
You're playing as Nigel, a small, but cute parasite. Your (trans)mission is to infect the entire village! You jump from host to host, each character having different traits and abilities.
Vier piraten gaan de strijd aan om op een boot zoveel mogelijk goud op te rapen. Wanneer de golven voorbij komen en het goud op het dek valt, is het ieder voor zich...