Past Games

Speakeasy, friend, for the year is 1929, and owning a bar in New York oftenly means a jam. Protect your property, but make sure to do the opposite to ye dastard envious neighbor!
An intense, dynamic party game about telephone operators! Blame your friends as you all fail together in trying to connect as many phonecalls as possible.
As a healer, you have to repeat the daily routine of taking care of a sickened village for 10 days. Your decisions have major impact on each of their lives.
ALEX & CARLOS are two aliens that are very different but so much alike. One day they catch a glimpse of each other and embark in an adventure of friendship and cooperation.
An Agile Jump'n shoot'n hack'n slash Action-Platformer where you have to keep fighting to keep your heart pumping! However you CAN die by overcharging too. We will continue working on the game to create a storyline and some nice levels, but for the game jam, we were able to prepare the battle system, the energy system,and a small level for players to explore the controls a bit. Hope you enjoy it!!! :D NOTE : Unity Web Player Required VERY VERY IMPORTANT : The game may have a small problem running in some browsers, like chrome. Sometimes you`ll get a message telling you to download unity web player , even if you already have it . If that happens, just go to the address bar, on the upper-right corner , you`ll see a small shield. Click on it and there will be an option to allow the game to run. enjoy!!!
[[ This file represents the mechanics gameplay, but still does not have the challenge elements implemented ]] \ \ An alternative theory about the creation of the World. The Big Hand has created our planet through cicles of creation. However, every lap that it runs around it's new creation will become a challenge for the next run around it.
You have been given the chance to start a new world. You are about to begin a journey where past and present exists at the same time. How far can you get when your past selves becomes your true nemesis?

Hearty Games