Past Games

A game about the waves of destiny.
Cat Souls is a top down 2D action RPG game inspired by Dark Souls, The Binding of Isaac and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past.
Controls: Move: Arrows Jump: Arrow Up Interact: Arrow Up
What can you do when you are a kid that hates vegetables but your mother forces you to eat them? That’t easy! Just hop in on your imaginary spaceship and destroy all of those nasty vegetables.
Nara is a very naughty kitty that loves to play, especially with humans. One fine day, Nara was so bored that he decided to escape his enclosure in search of adventure!
My husband went out to buy cigarrets... but I fear his Paranoid! Outside of the phone booth everybody looks just like me! But I know I just saw myself among them! I am just one!