Past Games

You are a runner and a gunner with a sword, fighting your way through the cybernetic world currently invaded by androids and drones. Slash and dash as long as you can and beware the barrels!
Repairman Wizard Joe is a First-Person View Tower Defense game.
Main character is wanting to bring his family back home. His family members are out in the world and the player has to get through enemies and make their way to each family members homes.
In our game you move your Stuff from one house to another. First you pack up your moving truck, trying to make sure everything fits.
No Pants Dad has been overrun by hungry children and dogs. Fend off the invasion by cooking and feeding the kids. Survive for as long as you can until there are too many recipes to do.
Help Pigeon-Man, a mail carrier, run through the streets collecting letters and delivering it throughout the city.
There's a virus going around and you need to keep away from it. Bad Bot puts 2-4 players against each other in a Hot Potato style combat.
Join in the chaos of Beatballs! Pick up any PC compatible controller, hit the A button and try to stay on the platform while sound WAVES and your friends try to knock you off.
A Ritual gone wrong, a portal is spewing forth pesky creatures.The Player must use planning and quick thinking to prevent the waves on monsters that are pouring forth before they are overwhelmed.
Wilson is a castaway stranded at sea on a raft and must paddle to shore. CONTROLS: -Use WASD to move Wilson to the edges of the raft -Left mouse click to paddle (be mindful of how much energy Wilson consume from paddling) -Collect floating coconuts to regain health -Use the radio to listen to the latest music and news!

Hearty Games