Past Games

Cara Loft is a museum theif who steals mystical historical artifacts back from museums and returns them to their cultures.
Much Spook is an a synchronic multiplayer game where one player plays a ghost and tries to scare the other player by moving objects around him & playing around with the elements in the abandoned
A 2.5D Puzzle Platformer about a young girl who decides to run away from an Asylum. Switching Quickly between the Two States of your Character is the key to beat the obstacles she faces. What is the
A pixel-art puzzle-platformer game. Solve the riddles given to you by the cat and help Leona through the mansion!
You s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶ SAVE doges from other people, and when they post "DOG LOST" you give them back and humbly enjoy the reward. The thing is, the longer you hold on to a dog, for some reason pol
You play a bat-like alien creature, lost in a cave, looking for his Mama. The cave is dark and dangerous, and you need to activate your sonar-shriek to scan your environment. But alas!
Lost Properties is a one versus one local multiplayer arcade shooter, where every few seconds the players will lose one of their core abilities (walking, jumping, aiming etc.) at random!
A 2 player a-synchronous multiplayer game in which the players hide a bag of coins in a level, and try to find the opponents bag using a radar. Fastest to find his opponents bag of coins wins!
Search your inventory for the right items and weapons To overcome the enemies and obstacles
An infinite game about surviving hordes of enemies by maintaining and repairing your magic barrier. Best played with a dance pad.
Help the Bio Robot save the planet by planting trees and cleaning up garbage. BUT BE CAREFUL, there are dark creatures that love the junk and don't give up easily.
Its a game where you need to repair a toilet but you need to find a way to get there and the tools to do so