Past Games

Consume stars and black holes as you navigate the cosmos on your way to the wormhole.
Find the means to acquire means for your home through an ever decreasing number of pathways.
Use a radio to help you escape from an industrial office
Top-down arcade game. Charge your monkey-speaker to fire sonic waves and eliminate the incoming matching waves that threaten your monkey-speaker.
Gather spirits into rune stones to determine their elemental alignment. Choose what combination of rune stones to place into the ritual altar to find out if the Gods are pleased.
We're boxed in, what the (hell) do we do now?
The Eye/Oh Conflict is a Tower defense game that takes place on Io, the Volcanic Moon of Jupiter.
You are a stick super hero lost in your own mind running from fear itself and as you become more fearful or courageous your heart races faster or slower.
A top down adventure game with some puzzles in which you must recover the three artifacts to prevent Jarmungandr from letting go of his tail.