Past Games

In a post-apocalyptic world, heavy pollution has forced humans to move underground.
Welcome to Doctor Ouch's clinic, where smiles get repaired! Press A or B as many times as indicated within the allowed time shown by the moving cursor.  Single input A or B icons only requi
It's time to care for the little children that don't have a home. Build an orphanage to accommodate children and help them get adopted. Expand to a huge complex, full of life and joy!
This is a game about a little robot that has to deliver transmissions. Sadly the robot lost its program and needs to be reprogrammed. There is no possibility to control the robot directly.
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This is game is about a horde of little orcs that want to live in their cave.
There is nothing special about this game. It is just a very normal Tower Defence game with all the usual Features: different Towers with splash damage and slow abilities.
How about not being the hero of a RPG, but the quest giver instead? This time you don't solve the quests on your own but you send out powerful heroes to solve the tasks for you.

Hearty Games