Sven von Brand

Past Games

A Tortoise and a Ground Squirrel make a friendship whitout meeting, as the Tortoise only comes out on Winter and the Squirrel only comes out on Summer. Plant, eat and get visitors in this chill game.
English: This game is about finding a way for your company from going bankrup by avoiding the loss of your workers. (The game is in spanish but has almost no text and can be enjoyed without speaking
You travel back in time to make a millionaire choose the 4 of hearts and win all of his money. How? You transmit the idea of the card through inception!
VR + Android Asymetric multiplayer game that plays like a tower defense (for the VR) and a tower attack game (for Android). Play as a powerful mage or as an evil lord attacking the academy, magic s
A game about being a noob shaman who doesn't know the right ritual and his journey in learning 10 spell to be a pro shaman.