Supawich Dechpuwarat

Past Games

Make game jam in 2022 collect the bone in the island and keep on the boat to pray all the soul!!!
CO-OP Puzzle 2D platformer game that 2 players play as the uncle and the boy that are searching for something in the autumn sunset forest.
A Ninja who forget what happend about himself. He stuck in his mind. Look like he need to recover his memory to get out of this dimension and find out what happened to him.
You will play as a boy who don't like girl. He should f เราได้รับบทบาทเป็นตัวละครเอก ซึ่งทะเลาะกับพ่ออย่างรุนแรงเพราะตัวเองไม่ได้ชอบผู้หญิงจึงหนีออกจากบ้าน
Puzzle , Musical