Past Games

The ovine specimens must be retrieved at once! They are vital to the mission. Drag dogs to move. Click to bark. Sheep will drown in water.
Francisco needs to gather the parts to repair his jetpack while fighting off hordes of enemies. But can he fly off in time to meet his girlfriend in Paris?
Destroy your friends with the darkness as your only friend and foe. Controls: With XBox360 controllers: Stick -> Move R2 -> Shoot, but you show yourself in the dark. L1 -> Sonar, see ar
All you wanna do is play snake, but those damn responsibilities! If you wanna maybe turn your head, you can always hold the SPACE BAR or RT/R2 on the controller.
Yesterday, you were the only two who weren't partying during Party Week^(TM) on Party Island. Yesterday, you were wishing you'd booked a different weekend for your romantic getaway: one that didn't coincide with Party Week^(TM). Yesterday, you were worried you'd get your heart torn out by your girlfriend running off with one of those buff Party Bros. Today, you're just wishing your girlfriend hadn't had her heart ripped out by a robot. And yours is next on the menu. Gotta eat. Gotta drink. Gotta keep warm. Gotta stay awake. Her heart's still beating, somewhere. somewhere out there, her heart is powering one of THEIR machines. Gotta find her heart. Maybe I can bring her back? No. Hungry again. No water. Robots everywhere. Can they smell me? See me? Gotta sleep. Can't sleep. Hungry. Dizzy.