Past Games

Main Duality: Moral vs Immoral Eldritch horror-based farming sim where you have the option to grow normal plants and veggies to make small amounts of money or strange unknown eldritch seeds that give
Deep in a desert canyon thirsty lizards are stealing water from a once beautiful oasis. It is up to you, Sed the Cactus, to return this once lovely oasis to its former glory!
Home is a safe place where we learn about the importance of family and traditions. In practicing these traditions, and passing them down to future generations, we preserve the meaning of Home.
Cybernetic radio-control link captures transmission of input stimuli from control unit; hamster is compelled through neural stimulation to maneuver through a simple maze.
Sal the Satellite Dish's pals have lost control of their minds! It's up to him stop the UNCHILL WAVES that have corrupted them by transmitting CHILL WAVES from his dish-shaped head!