Past Games

A NARRATIVE STORY GAME - FULLY VOICED - You wake up bewildered and alone. In unfamiliar surroundings. A flashback throws you deeper into a black hole of confusion.
Two knights in a dungeon looking for each other while protecting your King. Two player splitscreen versus. Controls: Player 1: WASD + Left Ctrl Player 2: Arrows + Right Ctrl
Cars in the city, with carnage. Multiplayer splitscreen. Deathmatch. Made by Science Rocket. There are no options to play anything but 4 players, so gather together your friends.
Cloud Chaser is noir-inspired ace combat game supporting up to 4 players hotseat. Controls: Use PS4/Xbox controllers, or keyboard (A/D/SPACE, LEFT/RIGHT/ENTER)
Science Rocket presents an estethic cyberpunk 4 player splitscreen fast-paced action shooter with destructable terrain - just to keep the scope small.
After crashlanding on an alien planet, you have to find a way to get back home. Explore the various regions of the planet, but make sure you have enough oxygen.
You are NanoBoat - injected into the blood streams of a dying old man. Help keep him alive for as long as possible - fight off his virus infections, and try to stay alive yourself! Controls: Up = Engines on, Left/Right = Turn, Shift = Boost Recommend to restart games between game sessions. Playing twice tends to make it buggy!
A mushroomhead’s futile escape from Ragnarok