Past Games

Carship is an interactive Alexa skill that allows one or more players to step into the shoes of an elite crew of intrepid space explorers.
Built for local multiplayer using Air Console, never before has answering questions about t-shirts been this fun! The AirConsole App is for iOS and Android and is small, quick to install, and you don
Trapped in a cult prison, you must follow each guard’s ritual or face the consequences.
Thank you for buying this Machine! You’ll find your machine to be an amazing companion and tool throughout the years. However, be warned: machines are a commitment.
You're a key member of this Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team. The catch? You're colorblind and can only see one color!
Rock the baby to keep it asleep, then steal all of its candy.
Generations... persist?
Prevent the extinction of poetry by preserving it on twitter! Fly through tweets and create twoetwy!
You've got a limited number of sonar buoys and a limited amount of bombs. It's up to you to protect Spanish waters from the attacking enemy ships by raining destruction down on them! Use the history arrows at the bottom to plot out and predict the ships' movements!