Past Games

A VR Game where you punch things on the beat.
A single person, out to build some relationships in the world during the corona. Endure the passage of time with friends and alone, and maintain your relationships while facing reality.
go through memory lanes and try to repair your memories.
This year i decided to play with Facebook messenger chat bots and create a game where you play a candidate for the Mossad's cyber security de-vision (misspelled on purpose). To play, send a me
A two player VR game where one guides the other Watch gameplay video at:
4 people row a boat and try to direct it toward treasure and away from obstacles
A massive multiplayer rock paper scissors game over twirch API
Dan Cooper is dead! Who all know did it. But now, what do we do about his body?
This game is about eliminating our enemies, the polygons. And things aren't what they seem to be. Prepare to be shocked.
Massive movement is an collaborative game for an unlimited number of players playing at the same time.
A dance game where you actually make the music with your body.
Take one for the team so of you can get to the goal. \ Either a selfish goal or a shared goal in which everyone gets a score afterwards.
Tower defense where you destroy each other's towers and interface.
Glass maze game in which you need to find the exit by breaking the glasses. You will need to find a broom to break the glasses and a loom so you know when you really look at yourself (which is the only breakable glass available.