Past Games

A Rescue Ship trying to find lost ships at the North Pole, faced with natural difficulties.
The game is about the protagonists (Leo) loss. Leo's twin sister Lea passed away 10 months ago and it has been a hard time for him.
Okyanus is a point & click game that takes place in various rooms. Game is about a girl, named "Okyanus", who is searching for the meaning of life.
We're controlling a pest control bot as our character. The bot aims to search the pests in secret places (under boxes etcetera) on scenes like warehouses rooms etcetera and then to shoot them.
This is a minimalistic 3D audio game. There are sound sources that are elements of a primitive ethnic music around you. Locations of the sources changes the audio effect parameters of the elements.
Jigjig is about two male birds trying to get the female bird by making their nests beautiful with some sticks and bottle caps.