Past Games

An online multiplayer co-operative party game about tracking outer space transmissions. Receive instructions! Figure out what to do! Work together! AND FOR BIRB’S SAKE TAKE NOTES! To play
A top-down, 2D twin-stick shooter where you control a robot pistol shrimp defending an ancient artefact against waves of mechanical hostile fish.
"Sticks and stones will be break my bones but the woods will never haunt me." Play as Leo and his twig stranded in the woods and survive through the onslaught of creatures lurking in the
You and your work colleagues take up arms in order to fight back against the evil tyrant mutant company executives.
First person puzzle game where the player's perspective is the key to moving forward. WASD to move. Mouse to look. Q and E to rotate objects.
The heartbeat of a community relies on the cohesion of its members. In Firefly Herder Exxxtreeeeeem 3000, players bring together a swarm of fireflies to solve puzzles and light the world. Players play as a moth that can emit pulses of light to instruct fireflies to follow a path, swarm and object or disperse from an area. The goal of each level is to navigate the fireflies through a series of obstacles to create a glowing pattern.