Past Games

A game about magnetism. Play as a magic particle that can change its polarity. When you are positive, you will be chased by all the negative particles.
2 games developed as one. Each game has a different character - in one game the Blu (that plays in a red world) and the other game it is Red (that plays in a blue world). Blu can move objects in ord
Home Stack is a game where you place house blocks on top of each other to create high buildings.
You are the DJ of a trance gig. Zombies have crashed your party, but you won't let them ruin the fun. Use your music to control (WASD) the hoard out of the club. It is harder than it soundz...
A small robot finds himself in a complex labyrinth of dark rooms, and all he got is a limited light wave energy to battle the darkness.
A rhythm game about a tribe of warriors on a quest to find the god of rain. To do that, they must follow a specific rhythm that only their General Leader knows. Follow his beat and you can proceed..
Your class mates are so tired from this class, they just might fall asleep any moment. Your goal is save as many of them from sleeping by tossing paper balls at them before the class is over. But be
A kid superhero - The Plunger King - battles his evil clones. In this platformer game Plunger King needs to go through hazardous levels and destroy his enemies with his trusted Plunger Gun. But ther
Sleep Paralysis - a game we have built at the Global Game Jam Israel-Tel-Aviv this weekend using the UNREAL ENGINE and free assets from Garage Games. You are a solitary old man lying on your deathbed, with almost no ability to move. The daemons are coming to take your soul. You will try push them off, but death is inevitable. It's just a matter of time...
A 2-player game between an evil pigeon master that controls the pigeons, who wish to shit-load a fancy car, and a mad car owner who wishes to exterminate the nasty pigeons before they succeed. It is a fast-paced game, that tests opponents' speed and nerves. Will you dare?

Hearty Games