Past Games

Welcome to a brand new world. A world of risk and adventure where only the strongest survive. Fight for your life in a hostile arena in the middle of an unknown desert.
Sibirsk 1988 is a side-scrolling story-based brawler set in an alternate history post-apocalyptic Russian town in the middle of nowhere. The town has a complex and dark history, with many mysteries t
Wander about and collect scrap to survive in this robotic junkyard
Kill drones with swords.
As game design randomness reaches it's peak, Gravity Pulls provides never before seen bumping into planets and stars adventure that will leave you wanting more. Or not. Probably not.
!READ!: Controls: Player 1: LMC to shoot gun RMB to switch between Minigun and Anti-material rifle Player 2: Use arrow keys as secondary mouse. Q, W, E toggle different parts of the shield
Reality isn`t always what it seems to us. People have problems and get desperate about life over time. If they wander too long in the shadows of their own mind, they get lost.