Shinuku Ahn

Past Games

対立する二国間の情報を相互に売買する「二重スパイ」となって混乱の時代を生き抜こう。 世界平和のために暗躍するも良し、対立を長期化させて荒稼ぎするも良し。 目立ちすぎて始末されないように気をつけて。
Ghost Recall is a game where you can’t lose... or rather, whatever you lost can be found again when you restart.
One of your robots in your factory is malfunctioning! Tweak its animation to correct its limb movements so that it will properly do its job once again.
This game puts you in the shoes of a messed up husband who must redeem himself in the eyes of his beloved wife by giving her gifts.
This game is about transmitting microwave signals between planets in universe. Due to doppler effect, the microwave signal becomes weaker as it is transmitted further.