Past Games

The protagonist Sam, an infected human, can turn into a zombie at will to evade other zombies and escape from an infected laboratory.
Este es un juego de adventuras, en el cual despiertas en un mundo etéreo y tendrás que recolectar recuerdos y atravezar niveles para descubir la historia detras de todo.
It's about a disaster... on a smartphone, with broken voices and wacky images.
English: You've been sent to explore the depths of the ocean with little to no light to navigate.
A shaman traverses the forest , sensing a disturbance with the spirits.
Despiertas en un lugar extraño, en donde deberás escapar o quedarte ahí por siempre. De pronto, empezarás a recibir mensajes de personas que, aparentemente, intentan ayudarte pero...
El juego se trata de las aventuras del Gatito Mishi que sale en la búsqueda de su dueña una niña que vive en el Alto Perú, en su camino se le presenta diversas caminos donde el personaje principal ¨Sp
Pixel Platform-Puzzle Game Game: Control the character with arrows (right, left, down), jump with ¨Z¨, use special google power with ¨X¨ and drag the items you collect with your googles using the m
Stay Healthy is a Top-Down Shooter where you are a heart that is suffering an attack of the grease. Now you must defense against it. Move with "WASD", aim with the mouse and shoot your powerful blood with left click. Also, you can use some items that appear in the place for limited time: A speed boost, a triple shot and a heal. TIP: Just running the game press Enter. You will get the title screen. Sorry for the inconvenience.
The game character wants the latest and greatest video game ever made, but can only be sold to adults for be too violent, but he discovers a unique clock that allows him to rejuvenate or to get older, but evil magicians want it. \ \ On the way to video game store he’ll have to kill his enemies to get their chronotrons and grow up into adult to comply his wish, but that's not the end. He has to return home as he left: As a child. How can he do it? The watch is the key. \