Past Games

Chasing After the Light is the entry game for team Times Two for the Global Game Jam 2022. Try not to lose trail of the Light Rune.
You have to find formulas for antidotes, or you will lose sick peasants. grab ingredients from bowls and mix it in caldron tap 3 times to caldron for cooking. give elixir to peasant you ca
Find correct missing part , pass and accelerate..
In a toy factory, we have some broken assembly line for animal toys and you have to repair the toy yourself. But Carefull ! However you assemble the toy is how its gonna hit the stores. :D
2 souls in limbo has a chance to go to the heaven even if they do not deserve it.
Our light emitting character is seperated from its childs and wants to find them all in a dark cave. With each child it finds, it emits more light waves and can see around better.
You'll help our primitive tribe with their Totems and their Rituals by competing in several mini games in this fun little mobile game.
The King has no idea how to find the answer of the riddles in his adventure. What should he do now?
This is a multiplayer shooter in which, standing players can only see the other standing players and moving players can only see other moving players.
In a distant future, Life on earth will be destroyed. Only one survivor remains; Kamil, a robot with a human brain. \ After becoming aware of its situation, Kamil decides to bring life back to Earth. With this decision an unique journey begins. \ Kamil will try accomplish this with the help of its jetpack, portal device and its hard head and nothing can stand on its way. \ \ Enjoy. \
A game about losing pure emotions and colors in our life. A countdown to extinction of the existance of emotions in mankind.
A Game for ages 3 to 70. Fun story, graphics 3 game modes Interactive tutorial Interactive Menu