Sdalla Huu

Past Games

Gods are angry against one another for choosing to host their rave party at the same time. Choose a side and try to persuade as many people to your party as possible.
You are hitmen contracted to murder Gillian Groover.
The queen royally waves her way through perilous challenges. There are 2 ways to royally wave: firstly you may launch flaming corgis at your enemies, secondly you can float through the air, carried b
Be a personal assistant to a a very needy aristocrat. Keep your master happy.
A decisive battle is in progress and you are quickly running out of warriors. Fix the situation by dubbing as many knights as fast as you can, no time for lengthy rituals!
The house is on fire and the kittens are still inside! What do we do now? Enter Firephant, the fire fighting elephant who will fetch the kitten to safety.