Past Games

Take the role of a spell-wielding knight that has been cursed and sent to the Abyss.
Enjoy your job as a handyworker in this seemingly calm, short game.
Oh no! Sir Reginald has played around too much with his time-altering stopwatch. Now he's stuck in a random dimension with a very little chance of returning to his own reality.
Play as an evil witch doctor that wishes to release chaos and destruction unto the world. Use your own health to reanimate and call upon the powers of the once perished Bringer of Death.
Milo's Microwave Mayhem is a fast-paced, ridiculous microwaving simulator.
Iron Dark is an endless, wave-based, fast-paced, hack-and-slash arcade game with tight combat that requires quick and precise reflexes. You control an Iron Knight using only the mouse to slice-and-di
Shells on the Sand is an endless arcade top-down shooter.
Alteration is a side-scrolling game combined with extreme platforming and puzzles.