Past Games

House Party is game played with 2-4 players, with the objective to make the best gosh dang party you can make. Two teams each have their own apartment, and each is throwing a party.
Stand your ground with up to four players against rioting citizens and protect democracy. In this game, you take control of a riot police officer.
This is the tale about a knight who is madly in love with Lady Gloria. To overcome his fears he asks four villagers to help him on his epic journey. In a hectic 4 player co-op mode you and your friends take control of the villagers. Use your tools wisely and gather the required resources to make the castle even more presentable when the Knight finally admits and shows his true love to Gloria. Work together to achieve the end goal, gather resources, pickup fancy hats to show your true style and enjoy the sights. Or even stab your friends in the 4 player co-op saboteur mode in which one player will work against the rest! Has to be played with four controllers.