Past Games

Word "Napraw" in polish means fix it/ repair, and when you cut in half you get two english words "Nap" and "Raw". Your goal is: - putt bad things in your rival sleeping
Your home was destroyed and only You and Yourr sister can save Your important people. Fight the nightmare of alkohol, pain, being bullied to save Your important people. Action Platformer, Boss Rus
You play as malware/virus/trojan and your only quest is to destroy data coming thru the net to end user It's player vs player game we will see who first destroy the Transfer.
Two companies send their robots acquire treasures. Let's see which one of them bring more.
Two Shamans Fight's for favor of God
The player takes the essence of wielding time and space. His task is to bring the statue enchanted character to the exit Controls: Left mouse button - rotate screen
The game is about rebelious pixel with middle age complex, looking at world from a few different perspectives.
Way of life is a platform game about promoting healthy life style. You are hungry, and you need something to eat... fast. But watch out, when you eat to much, your energy is falling faster, and when you eat to much, you are going to have heart attack. You can regenerate yourself by standing in one spot, or by eating food that is more healthy (but it won't satisfy your hunger that much).