Samuel Hollywood-Summers

Past Games

Put wave-particle duality to the test as you find your way to your antiparticle. The goal of this game is to achieve annihilation by using your wave and particle powers to navigate through levels o
Lead an anxious adventurer on a wholesome journey as she steps out of her comfort zone, and learns to trust the unknown.
Flynn Starchad is a well-armed interstellar repair man and he's all about fixing ships and slaying alien invaders. Blast yourself around broken-down zero-gravity spaceships using the recoil of F
You must repair your spaceship to return home to your planet and family.
Space Nomad is a survival building game where you establish and protect your home: a spaceship.
Defend the Earth with a gun and a shield You need an xBox Controller to Play. Left-Thumbstick - Shield Right Thumbstick - Weapon Right-Trigger - Shoot
A rebel makes his way through an alien invasion to send a message of peace to both sides, ending the war.
As one of the gods, you can either help or hinder Odysseus on his epic voyage to reunite with his beloved wife Penelope in the land of Ithaca. Godyssey is a two player game using one keyboard.
The Godyssey is a two dimensional, two player game where each player tests their reaction speeds in order to help or hinder Odysseus on his voyage home. The team was a combination of students and staff at the Glasgow School of Art's School of Simulation and Visualisation (SimVis). I contributed to the story and gameplay design, and concept art. I was responsible for the creation of all music, VO and FX. Audio implementation was left to the coding-literate members of our team on this occasion, and those more familiar with Unity.