Past Games

The pit stop has never been more dangerous.
La casa del roboritmo es un juego que habla sobre la sensacion de no pertenecer del todo a un lugar, y como casi sin querer uno puede terminar feliz pese a circunstancias inesperadas.
A group of office coworkers robots compete in a test about figuring out codes using colours in order to get a promotion in their company given to them by their human overlords.
Make deals with the devil to help your own filthy needs. Navigate trough a small town full of innocent people and demons to gather souls. Your clasic top-down shooter to rule the world.
A game where you are Cupid and have to join people together in benefit of their happines while you make sure of removing any obstacle interfiering in the process.
This is a platform based game that involve a monk searching accross the world to find his \"master\" to finally achieve eternal life.

Hearty Games